Online Marketing Apps and tools 



Tutorial No.1 :   How to use Evernote 

Tutorial No.2 :   What  is  Basecamp

Tutorial No.3 :   How to use Dropbox

Tutorial No.4 :   How to use Picmonkey

Tutorial No.5 :  What is the Pinterest basics?

Tutorial No.6 :   What is WordPress?

Tutorial No.7 :   How to make a blog in  Wordpress?

Tutorial No.8 :   How to use Skype?

Tutorial No.9 :  How to use Woobox Application for your business?

Tutorial No.10 :  How to make a presentation in Windows  Movie maker?

My portfolio in making a video presentation  on Movie maker

Tutorial No.11 :  How to convert powerpoint images into a video in youtube?

Tutorial No.12 :  How to use Carbonmade?

Tutorial No.13 :  How to make Facebook contest in Shortstack?

Tutorial No.14 :  How to use Hootsuite?

Tutorial No.15 :  How to make a survey using Google docs?

Tutorial No.16 :  How to use Slideshare in uploading a presentation?

Tutorial No.17: How to use Bitly to shorten your link?

Tutorial No.18: A skilled Virtual assistant does have a blog site

Tutorial No.19: How to use SKitch.

Tutorial No.20: How to make a Facebook fan page

Tutorial No.21: How to use Mailchimp

Tutorial No.22: How to use Rapportive

Tutorial No.22: How to make and customize landing page in LeadPages

Tutorial No.23: How to make diagrams using Lucidchart

Tutorial No.24: How to make presentation using Prezi.

Tutorial No.25: How to make Online Portfolio


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